Performance Improvement

A thorough business assessment will determine how each operational and functional area affects the company’s profits, cash flow and ability to grow. Managing cash is the most important element to a successful turnaround. Our immediate task is to review cash flow statements to understand the in and outflow of funds. We create collateral analyses to determine trends in industry, customer and product line to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement, scrutinizes both variable and fixed costs to develop and assist repositioning strategies.


Solutions Management LLC will work with the client to develop partnership strategies with critical vendors to secure a workout. An assessment of accounts receivable and inventory is made to determine the quality of these assets. Areas of concentration in accounts receivable will be in daily sales outstanding, terms, disputes, bad debt, credit procedures, systems staffing, lender reserves and ineligibles. The inventory analysis focuses on inventory turns, ageing, mark-downs, stock levels, systems, replenishment, inventory planning cycle and the procurement process.


Our findings and recommendations are submitted in written and oral presentations that specifically outline actions to capitalize on the company’s strengths and address weaknesses.