Corporate Restructuring

Companies have a need to restructure for a multitude of reasons: changes in market conditions, mergers, acquisition resolution of operational issues or loss of profitability.

SMLLC’s restructuring services span a variety of situations and scenarios. Whether it is a turnaround, a consensual workout or a contentious bankruptcy, we have an unparalleled history of transitioning businesses with tangible results for all constituents. We have the expertise to:

Innovative Solutions
For companies in troubled situations, text book solutions often fall short. Whether finding creative financing through alternative equity sources or creating structure to manage non-traditional business, our team has a proven record of innovative solutions.

Thorough Execution
Because SMLLC’s experience spans business functions from accounting through operations to the corner office, we understand how the entire business must interact to improve performance and provide stakeholders with restored value.

Proven Results
The members of the SMLLC team are not just “professional advisors”, but successful and experienced former executives who have been on the “firing line” and delivered performance improvement as management and as business leaders.