Insolvency Services

Solutions Management’s approach to insolvency capitalizes on the process and Bankruptcy Code to reorganize and restructure the client business to the benefit of all constituents. SMLLC have been equally successful in restructuring without bankruptcy protection, evidenced by a number of businesses operating profitably today.

It is unfortunate and often overwhelming when management realizes a business is becoming insolvent. However, it is essential to act swiftly and incisively in an unstable financial climate. In such situations, Solutions Management’s methodology has been tried and tested across multiple industries to great effect.

Too often companies or their financial constituents are overwhelmed by the bankruptcy process and therefore are unable to focus their energies on protecting the remaining collateral or enacting a solid restructuring plan. SMLLC’s executives are very experienced in all phases of the reorganization process. Our senior members have functioned in roles on behalf of the debtors, lenders, creditors and as CRO’s leading the process, understanding the issues from all angles and managing the political dynamics. SMLLC has provided all of the following services:

Post Bankruptcy
Companies frequently experience problems post the exit from bankruptcy protection. Whilst this “stall” may not be fatal, the damage to the vendor and customer confidence can impose financial consequences which in turn can restart the spiral of decline.